The Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group

What is the Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group?

The Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group is an affiliate of the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS).   The group consists of parents, family members and friends of individuals with Down syndrome. The group meets the second Friday of every month at Vaughn Park Church of Christ in Montgomery. 

The Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group is definitely making strides in spreading awareness in the Montgomery area!  Through the annual Buddy Walk the group has been able to raise enough funds to purchase books to donate to local libraries, schools and teachers in the tri-county area, distribute gift baskets to new parents of babies born with Down syndrome in all Montgomery hospitals, provide educational speakers during our monthly meetings, host play dates, group outings and so much more!

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Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group is:

  • To help all individuals with Down Syndrome reach their full potential by providing family support, education and social opportunities
  • To provide new or expectant parents with Down Syndrome information and support
  • To increase awareness of people with Down Syndrome through special events such as an annual Buddy Walk
  • To advocate for quality of life for individuals with Down Syndrome
  • To provide opportunities for families of individuals with Down Syndrome to encourage one another and share information

Vision Statement: 

The Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group envisions all people with Down Syndrome will be afforded the same life opportunities to empower them to reach their full potential and become respected members of their community through increasing public awareness and understanding of Down Syndrome.

Value Statement:

The Montgomery Area Down Syndrome Outreach Group values that people with Down Syndrome:

  • Are respected for their rights, abilities and potential
  • Are people first, and not categorized by the condition
  • Are afforded the opportunity to live inclusive lifestyles
  • Have the freedom to make informed choices and be provided the assistance to enable them control over their own lives
  • Are lifelong learners
  • Are treated with respect and acceptance

Who we serve:        

We serve families who have a member with Down syndrome, individuals with Down syndrome, professionals and friends of individuals with Down syndrome in Central Alabama.

What we do:

  • New parent support – Being told the baby you are expecting or the newborn in your arms has Down syndrome is one of the toughest things for a parent to hear.  Parent to parent support is available and can include a new parent gift basket, a phone call, e-mail or visit with a parent of a child with Down syndrome who can, with true empathy, understand how you feel.  We also host an outreach group meeting the second Friday of every month for friends and family members and have a discussion forum on our website for members.
  • Social – Opportunities to get together with other families, linked often by one thing, one little chromosome.  Events, such as play days at the Prattville YMCA, Bowling, Buddy Walk and others, provide an awesome opportunity to share stories about challenges and success, to network with other parents with children of similar ages or perhaps a parent with a child, teen or young adult a few years older that can provide insight from their experience.  Who would have thought that from that one extra chromosome such treasured friendships would result!

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